Monday, August 14, 2017

Two Finished Quilts

I finished this log cabin baby quilt recently and thought I’d post it.  I wanted to work with red. I love log cabins and decided to try one enlarged block and see how I felt about it.  I like it. I backed it in some fabric I picked out for my nephew's quilt, I think it's Tula Pink.  I ended up going with something different for Isaac, but I really love how bright the backing is.  It is quilted with a square "spiral" in the center red square and then has some all over flowers.  

It would be fun to do a few oversized blocks, maybe four square blocks or six if they were rectangular and not square for a larger quilt.  I keep coming back to the idea of making a large quilt using shot cottons, because I love the feel of the finished quilt and I enjoy quilting them, but I find that the colors are not usually as bright as I like.  I have enjoyed using Kaffe Fassett’s stripes; they are beautiful and have the same soft texture.  

I also finished this cross quilt, or addition quilt, for my son's kindergarten teacher.

She was a great teacher for him, warm and loving, but also had tons of energy.  She is a marathon runner and she ran every morning with her class.  It was a great way for my son to use up some of his energy in a very positive way.  Anyway, she retired and I felt like I wanted to send her off with a lap quilt.
That last picture is a bit dark.  I finished it in the middle of the night before the last day of school... Here are a couple of others...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Work In Progress Quilt

I am working on a new long term project.  This is for my parents as an anniversary - thank you gift.  They will celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary this autumn and they took our entire extended family to Hawaii this June.  While we were there I collected everyone's handprints and asked my husband to make sketches of some of the experiences we want to remember.  We turned them into images that resemble the petroglyphs that can be found on the island.  

Now that we're home, I've ordered some fabric and begun the process of appliquéing hand prints onto some fabric using a technique that I love, I think it's called back basting, and embroidering the "petroglyphs".  I'm asking some family members to help with the embroidery, especially capable grandchildren.  I'm working on the outer border first because I think it will be at least half, if not more, of the work of assembling the quillt top.  I have five more hands to appliqué for the border and lots more embroidery, but here's what is happening so far. 

This isn't related to quiltmaking, but I'm also re-reading Michner's book Hawaii.  I read it many years ago as a very young teenager and remember it fondly.  I zipped through it back then, but now I'm struggling.  I think its because I know how it ends.  He's good, and really makes you care about his characters, and I just don't want to go where I know the story will take me.