Friday, November 10, 2017

Birthday Bags

Recently we had a couple of birthdays to celebrate.  One for a friend of my daughter, turning 11, and the other was for my 11 year old niece.  Generally, I really don’t like birthday culture for children.  I think it is pretty commercial, and children get lost in the shuffle of stuff.  That said, I don’t want neglect to give a gift, either, so I feel better about it if I can make the gift.  It allows us to really spend time thinking about the birthday child and make something that can really be enjoyed, while leaving the worst of the consumer mentality behind.  

My daughter Lucia has been using a bag/purse to carry around her important possessions, like her sketch pad, colored pencils, a quill, ink, her book and I’m not sure what else.  She actually has a collection of a few different bags that she uses depending on how she wants to accessorize.  She mentioned that she would like for me to make her a messenger bag, so I thought this might be a great opportunity to make a few.  One for her and one for each birthday girl.

I found a bag that wasn’t too big, but that had an adjustable strap and wasn’t too difficult to make.  Lucia and I dug up some cute cotton/linen fabric and got going. 

These bags were easy to make and they turned out really cute.  In fact, my son James mentioned that he’d like one for himself so that he can take it with him while he explores and use it more as a nature bag.  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Quarter Log Cabin Finish

I recently finished this quarter log cabin quilt with some scraps I've been trying to use up for some time.  I still have enough scraps to make another baby quilt, but I'm very happy with this finish.  I bought this fabric to make my nephew a baby quilt almost two years ago now.  My first go at the scraps ended in these three bags, but I had intended to make a full size quilt.  The blocks just didn't come together quite like I had envisioned.  It's funny, because the same thing happened with this quilt.

I began putting together some courthouse steps blocks, but ended up feeling that they were just boring.  I'm not sure why that keeps happening, because I really like the block.  After putting a few together and realizing that it wasn't going to work for me I decided to chop them up and try a different kind of setting.  There is just so much more energy in the quarter blocks.

I began working with a limited color palette, but then changed my mind and started putting together whatever I had in combinations that appealed to me.

When I finished, I tried two different layouts.

I liked them both, but settled on the second.  I picked a simple, Japanese inspired design for the quilting.  It is hand quilted with a variegated purple pearl cotton, number 12, I think.

It's bound and backed with more shots and stripes scraps.

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