Log Cabin Quilt: A FINISH

This week I finished a log cabin quilt that I found in partially finished blocks while digging through a stash of abandoned WIPs.  First I had to finish the blocks, but there wasn't too much work left on them.  I arranged them in a straight furrows setting, which works, I think, because the design is simple and clear.  Since I chose to use so much yellow and orange, the blue strips have to work pretty hard.  

I decided it was a great project for experimental quilting, since I don’t have an emotional attachment to this quilt.  I did a freehand fan/ flower doodle on the orange side of the block and straight lines in a stair down the blue side.  I thought about drawing more of a feather arrangement, but it seemed a little formal for this.  What I ended up with is extremely informal, but it is sweet and was fun to do.  Clearly I need to work on my stitch length because they are not always even as I come off the curves.    

I’d like to do a few more log cabins, because they are so versatile.  I’m also interested in log cabin variations.  I’m thinking about trying to quilt a big flower freehand, so maybe in some blooming spring colors?  

This guy is pretty small, measuring about 40"x40".  On the back I used fabric my sister gave me several years ago from her Junior Year Abroad in Senegal.  I have some more that I mean to make into a quilt for her sometime, but I haven't received the inspiration yet.  

I think this quilt will probably head to the Midwest to be a spare blanket for my nieces and nephew.  


Kate said…
Your log cabin is beautiful and unique!!