I've been making the most of my needle turn appliqué skills lately by sewing patches to my daughter's pants.  She has a way of ripping holes into the knees like none of my other kids.  

She had three pants that needed repairs, so I went with a Frida Kahlo Day of the Dead fabric from Alexander Henry for the first one, 

some leftover EPP hexies for my second, 

and then I hit my stride and went for an ocean theme for the third. 

Most of the patches on this last pair aren't actually needed, strictly speaking, but I felt like they really wanted to be there, so I included them.  To make the patches I cut out the portion of fabric that I wanted for the patch with about a quarter inch extra all around. Then I ironed interfacing to the back and pinned them in place.  After I decided on placement I appliquéd them to the pants. I've done this kind of patching a lot and have found them to be durable and much more fun than traditional patches.  I've even done some for myself...