Log Cabin Layouts

Some time ago I decided to go through my sewing room and reorganize it a bit.  I spent several hours sifting through the fabric and the unfinished projects deciding what I wanted to keep and what I should throw out.  I had several orphan blocks and projects that had been abandoned that I felt really should be used somehow.  Several orphan blocks made it into Lucia's quilt, but there are still several left that need to be addressed.  

One of the projects I found were some partially pieced log cabin blocks.  I love their bold color scheme, but I lost interest in this project halfway through.  I'm not sure about my original vision for them, but I pulled them out again, finished the piecing and then spread them out on the floor to figure out the layout.  

One of the things I like most about quilts is the versatility of even some of the oldest blocks.  Aside from fabric and color choices, the potential layouts create so many opportunities to change the feel and look of a quilt.  All these choices make each finish a bit of a surprise.

Because of the color choices and the sparse use of blue fabrics, it is harder for me to see some of the traditional log cabin layouts unless I really step back.  I ended up deciding to get pictures of all the layouts and look at them together to see which is most appealing.  


Linda Smith said…
Beautiful. What a great find in your UFO pile! The layout on top is definitely my favorite. Somebody is going to love it.