Star Quilt Finish

I have finally finished a star quilt for my son Jim’s twin bed.  I initially blogged about it here.  He’s very excited about it, but not enough to sleep under it.  He still prefers his nest in our bedroom.  It does up the cuteness factor in his room though.  Before this was finished he had a small quilt that I made for one of my daughters.  It was one of the girliest things I had ever made and didn’t cover the bed, so this is definitely an improvement. 

I’d like to make another quilt for this bedroom in preparation for my son Miles to move in eventually.  I was thinking about a plus quilt.  I could use similar colors and the geometric shapes would complement each other without being to matchy.  I’ve seen two lately that I’ve liked, one at Kitchen Table Quilting and the other at Maidenhair Fern.  

This was the biggest quilt I’ve ever machine quilted, so that was a challenge for me.  I think I should have done the wavy quilting throughout the whole quilt, but I wasn’t patient enough.  I love the orange binding and I feel like the bright back helps lighten up the front a little bit.

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Your quilt is lovely. I'm loving the hexagons lately :))
Gemini Jen NZ said…
Very cool - I like the orange binding and the colours are so inviting. I recently did a plus quilt - these would look good in that design. Good luck!