To Infinity and Beyond!

I’ve been working on my stars quilt top for awhile now and I was finally able to finish piecing it yesterday.  I had it partially completed on my wall for some time and was beginning to worry about it ever getting done.  Equilateral triangles somehow seem more labor intensive than half square triangles.  I also think they produce a little more waste and awkward scraps.  And then, there are two bias edges, which means special attention needs to be given to not stretching the fabric.  

This is my second stars quilt.  My first was a baby quilt that I made for a triangle class mentioned here.  I have really come to like this idea and would love to experiment with it some more, in other colors.  I’d like to do my next one with light background triangles and bright red, orange, pink and maybe yellow stars.  I’d also love to try this out in solids.  And a third would be cool in a monocromatic color scheme, maybe blue?  I think the future star studies will be smaller though.  Lap size seems ideal.

This quilt will be the everyday quilt for my son’s bed.  Right now he uses a small quilt I made for my daughter.  He’s never shown any sign of being unhappy with it, but as I was working yesterday he was excited to see his quilt being made.  We tried it on his bed when I finished just to make sure it was a good fit.  He’ll be turning four in a couple of weeks and he asked me to wrap it up for his birthday.  That gives me a good goal.  This year he’d like an astronaut suit with a helmet, so that he can go to space so his quilt seems just right for him.