Hexie Quilt Top

I finished a quilt.  It is made up of large hexagons and was fairly straight forward to put together.
 I didn't plan this quilt ahead of time.  I was cutting some 3 inch strips for another project and decided that I could cut an extra 2 inch strip and use them for a project later.  I wasn't sure what would become of them but it wasn't long before I had decided to make hexagons.  My other top was on hold as I waited for some background fabric to arrive, so I went ahead and made them up. I chose to hand quilt it. I like look and feel of hand quilting on a finished project, and I also really enjoy the process of handwork. This quilt is bright and happy. It will make a very sweet gift for someone, although since I made it on a whim I don't have a recipient in mind. I hope it finds a happy home soon.