Quilt Finish: Blue Strings

It took much longer to finish this quilt than I originally anticiapted.  First because I decided to hand quilt it and second because I bumped my niece's birthday quilt ahead of it and decided to hand quilt that one as well.  I've also had a few different projects that I've been trying to keep up with, so there have been plenty of distractions, but I did finally finish this project.  And it is a pleasure to have it on my bed.

Actually, it has been on my bed for a bit now, beginning right in the middle of a heat wave.  I finished up the binding poolside at my brother's house.  We spent some time there this summer working on our swimming skills, burning off extra energy, having fun and staying cool.

I really do like this quilt.  As I mentioned before, I saw the idea online somewhere, I think it was maybe a post from the MQG? Anyway, it works for my bed because it is clean, but not plain.  All the blues mixed together do have energy, but it doesn't feel busy.  Maybe that's because of the solids.  It also has great texture, just like Scarlet's quilt.

I worry that it will be torn up, with all the use/abuse it gets from my kids all over it.  Every night, they take a detour into our room and jump right on the bed instead of going to the bathroom to get washed up.  And then there's the reading.  On the one hand, I love that we lounge on a lovely quilt, on the other, it will shorten the quilt's life.  I knew this when I made it though, and I made it to be used, so I am doing what I can to accept this and enjoy it while it lasts.