This is the second cover I've completed in the last few weeks and is from the book Modern Folk Embroidery.  It is a great book with fun and really easy emboidery designs and ideas.  This embroidery design allowed me to make small modifications on a whim, which I like because it gives me more ownership of the finished product.  While making this pillow, I found myself wanting to add orange, but sadly, I had none, so I limited myself to what I already owned rather than picking up anything new.

It was a quick and very satisfying project.  I admired the pictures from the book, and I love seeing it at home on my couch.

I've also got a third cover in the works.  I don't have a pillowform for this piece though, so I'm going to have to find one that will accomodate the pillowcase.  The unfinished block is about 22 inches square, so I'll have to see what I can come up with before going further.  I may need to add a border to it to make a size that fits a standard pillow form.

As I was playing with the shapes I realized it could be fun to turn the pieces so that the center piece was split and situated on the four corners.  It would change the block in cool ways...  I may try that next and have a set of related pillows!


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