Rocky Mountain Puzzle finish

This is a baby quilt.  I saw a version of this quilt on a blog somewhere and thought it was really sweet, so I made my own.  I finished it a few months ago and forgot where I saw it now.

I thought it was good color practice, which is something I am looking for right now.  I am happy with this project.

Here is a new small project I started recently.  This block came from a tutorial at Film in the Fridge.  The blocks are coming together fairly quickly, once I've chosen the fabric.  Colorwise it is going reasonably well.  It will be busy, but fun when it's finished.

I think I need six more blocks, but at least three.  It's a bit of a jumble right now.  I'm not put off by it, but I do think they need a little help looking like they all belong to the same quilt.  A bit of mustard in each new block may do the trick, since it is already in four of the six blocks.  The two bottom blocks have no mustard, but I'd really like to use them anyway.  I'm hoping that with more blocks, I can scatter those and it will be okay.  If not, I'll have to remake them with mustard and put these in another project somewhere down the line.


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