DIY Felt Stockings

DIY Felt Stocking

My mom has had the same stockings for me and my siblings for as long as I can remember.  Somewhere in my early childhood she found some felt stockings with little girls and boys on them and really loved them.  Originally, she bought one for my brother and one for me.  I think she later went back and bought one for each of my sisters.  Anyway, she has kept them all these years and now uses them for grandchildren.  However, she has many more grandchildren than she had children, so we need more than the original set of stockings that hung in our house as kids.  Over the years, she has found different stockings that she liked for each new child, but this year she needed a stocking for a new grandchild and a repair to my original stocking.  She brought them over and asked if we could fix the old one and make a new one in the same style.

Original Felt Stocking

I've made some repairs and replacements for these stockings in the past.  About 20 years ago, one of the original three was destroyed somehow and I replaced it for her by copying the original, construction and all.  They were made with glue and sewing machines.  I was able to finish the job quickly, and it has held up well.  

The original stocking (green dress) with an early remake (purple dress).

I have always thought they were cute, but I really prefer hand stitched for such small sentimental projects, so this time I opted for a slower finish, but one that honors and freshens the original stockings at the same time.  

I sewed everything by hand, except for the hanger on the back, which I thought should have some heavy duty reinforcing.  I also added some embroidery to the dress and apron, changed the style of the hair and face, and added little red bells as the berries on the the apron.  I'm really happy with the stocking and I'm looking forward to making another one next year, since I have a sister who is expecting a baby this coming April.  

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What a busy crafter you've been!!
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