The pot holders that I started over the weekend are finished now.  They’re now in their new home.  

The YUM holder finished better than the teacup because I quilted it very heavily, which made it simple to attach the binding.  The teacup has very sparse quilting which was a bit of a nightmare when attaching the binding.  I will be much more aware of that in future, with the extra layer of Insul-Bright that goes into a pot holder.  

All in all it was a fun project that I will do again.  I think I’d like to try a pot holder with a pocket in the back for hands.  That would make it them easier to use, and I bet it isn't overly difficult, although it does add another layer to the project.   It would also be fun to make a miniature pair for my sons’ play kitchen.   


Anonymous said…
I love these! But I agree, I would like some with a "hand pocket" also.