While going through some old fabrics and cleaning out my sewing room I came across a panel that my mom bought me maybe a decade ago.  It’s cute, but I don’t really sew up panels much.  It’s just not that interesting to me.  But I’ve got a couple of kids who have been playing with their trains and trucks lately, so I thought this would be a great little mat to sew up for them.  Plus, it’s portable.  This week I went to a book club and needed to bring my two year old.  We took some books and some little trains, but I was thinking that this mat (had I finished it) would be perfect for him.  Oh well, next month.  

I used some fabric for the backing that I’ve had on hand.  I bought lots of it, and I think it’s really cute stuff, but haven’t found myself reaching for it.   I cut binding strips from the leftover backing and bound it by machine.  I finished it yesterday and Miles especially seems to be enjoying it.  

My mom also bought some border fabric for the panel with trains and cars.  I tried it out with the panel, but rejected it because it was so busy.  The fabric is cute though so I thought I’d try out some napkins.  I can make 16 little napkins out of the fabric, which would be fun.  I’m not sure what else to do with it.  16 is a lot of these napkins.  Maybe some little bags?  Any ideas would be welcome.  

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Snowcatcher said…
I really enjoyed the photo of your son playing on the mat. I wonder if the border fabric might make a nice pillow for him to nap on, or perhaps a toy bag for trips such as book club?
Bev said…
Bags would be wonderful. In Color Order has a nice tutorial and you could carry little trucks in them to go with the play mat. It is very cute.