Sashiko Zipper Pouch

Weeks ago my mom asked for a zipper pouch that she could carry in her purse.  She has several things that she needs to keep in her purse; things that need to be kept safe and organized and be easily found, but not things that she uses every day that can fit in her wallet.  I didn’t really move very quickly on it.  Partly this is because I was unclear on dimensions and also because I was thinking about a patchwork pouch but I don’t think of her as a patchwork kind of gal. 

Last week I gave some flying geese a try, but didn’t end up liking them for her.  Over the weekend I decided to make a sashiko pouch instead.  This feels right to me, so I hope she likes it. 

She wanted it a bit bigger than my standard 9”x6” pouch so I went with a 9”x12” panel of a dark navy Japanese fabric.  I stitched the seigaiha (blue ocean waves) design using a blue-green-white variegated sashiko thread.  For the back side I used another dark blue Japanese floral fabric that I really love.  I chose a turquoise zipper and an orange batik for the lining that my sister brought home from her junior year abroad in Senegal several years ago.