Patchwork Curtains

The blue patchwork curtains for my daughters are finished.   I started working on them last week and they have replaced an old piece of fabric that we threw over their curtain rod when we moved in.  

The girls are happy with them, which was the whole point of making them, and I am pleased with them as well.  They are cheerful and sweet.  They’re pretty but also young and fresh.  Perfect for little girls.  

I ended up lining them with muslin I already had instead of reusing the piece of fabric that had hung in their window because it was dark and I wanted the curtains to feel fresh.  I was also concerned that the design on the original fabric would show through and the curtains making them feel cluttered.  For the loops on the top I bought some matching ribbon and sewed it in.  The curtains aren't at all heavy, but I stitched over the loops twice and then top stitched around the whole curtain.  I'm not sure how the ribbon will wash, but I'm hopeful that it will be okay in a delicate cycle and line dried.

Next, my girls want to paint their walls bright blue, which is funny to me because the room already glows blue.  They definitely subscribe to the “if a little is good, a lot is much better” school of thought, but I like it.  

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sally said…
soooo cute!!! I love the colors!!!
Those are really lovely, I've always wanted to make some patchwork curtains, but never gotten around to it, these may just be the inspiration I need.