Finger Puppets for a New Big Sister!

Recently my niece Scarlet got a new baby brother!  Overall I think she’s handling it well, but she has noticed that she is no longer an only child.  She loves The Little Red Hen, so I bought her a copy and made her this little zipper pouch and some felt finger puppets to go with the story. 

I used a book called Baby Stuff to make the puppets.  Some I made directly from the book and others I improvised to fit the animals in the story.  The book has some cute ideas and is a good launching off point.  I've done a few other projects from the book with my kids for their dolls. Simple, cute and easy!

The zipper pouch would have fit Old MacDonald better, but the farmyard theme seemed like a reasonable match.  

Here's our new little guy!


liz said…
What an adorable and thoughtful "big sister" gift! Love!