Finished Puzzle Balls

I’ve been working here and there on some puzzleballs.  I still have two to go, but I’ve got two finished.  I really like the little matryoshka dolls.  The next one will have Heather Ross’s unicorns, and I can’t wait to see how it finishes.  I had some purple all picked out for the last one, and I love that fabric, but I have a new idea that’s pulling me.  Last year I made a puzzle ball for my son with some cotton/linen blend for the center part and it holds its structure really well.  I like the heavier linen blends for the inside of the balls and I have some great dark pink kokka, so I think I’ll play with that and try to find something fun for the top.  The birds might be perfect because I can maybe pick out fabric in those colors for the top pieces.  Or I could go with neutrals and let the pink inside do the talking. 


Kate said…
these are AWESOME!!!!!