Aunt Millie’s Garden WIP

A few years ago I took a hand appliqué class.  The teacher of the class brought in a sample of her work, a beautiful quilt made from a pattern called Aunt Millie’s Garden.  The sample on the pattern is made on a red background, which is beautiful, but my instructor had made her's on an orange background.  It was lovely, and it made me want to make my own. 

At the time she was clear that this was not a beginner project, but I really didn’t listen.  I bought the pattern and started working through the blocks.  I don’t think I’d win any ribbons for my appliqué, but I’m very happy with my progress.  It is a great long term project.  I can put it down and pick it up months later without any trouble.  It’s also very portable.  I have the project split between a couple of large ziplock bags, and I can take it anywhere. 

Recently I’ve finished some big projects and need something to do while I get my machine cleaned.  I have been able to dive right back into this and I even feel like I may finish it in the next couple of years.  (I want to be realistic, it will take time to hand appliqué and then hand quilt this quilt.)  I have nearly finished 5 blocks out of the 12 to be done.  I still have to finish the center circles on all but one of the blocks.

I have plans for this quilt.  I have never made a quilt for my own bed, and I think this might be the one.  I have tried to use scraps for the appliqué as much as possible, which is great for reducing waste, but it is also fun to see scraps from past projects.  It brings to mind people I love and projects I have loved making.  It will be fun to sleep under a quilt that brings to mind so many happy memories.  


Kate said…
these are beyond amazing!!!
Unknown said…
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