Making Aprons

I’ve been making aprons for children for several years.  It all began by accident when I had some leftover half spiderweb blocks from a baby quilt I made for a friend’s new baby.  I wasn’t sure what I could do with the blocks, but I liked them and didn’t want them to go to waste.  I attatched a small skirt to the straight part of the block, added a pocket, lined it and added some straps made from biased tape I had lying around.  

I used the apron as a bib for my little daughter, who was just starting to eat food at the time.  I loved the apron and brought it out at most meals.  After awhile I started making more.  I played with the straps and experimented with different pieced blocks as bibs.  Then I started to give them to friends for their children, making bigger aprons for bigger children.  Eventually I was even asked to make some to sell for the children of acquaintances.  I really enjoy making them and have settled now on a few different styles.  A few weeks ago I sent off a batch with a few different styles to Wisconsin to see if they would sell at a breast cancer fundraiser in Shorewood.  I also sent along a puzzle ball and two baby quilts.  

I started out making these aprons to fill a need in my life and put some of my work to good use in a way that was pleasing to me.  Putting my work out in the world for sale in this way is new to me so I'm interested in how this process works.  I'm curious and excited to see if my work resonates with others.


liz said…
I'm crazy about your baby quilt with the gray background!!!