Picnic Blanket

Progress so far

Early last week I found an idea online that I loved.  It was a picnic quilt that can be used as a chessboard.  Every evening after I get Miles to sleep and Luke takes Jim upstairs to bed I spend some time reading with my girls.  Right now we’re reading The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning and loving it.  I’ve been thinking that we also need a project to work on, something that they can do some nights while I read to them and other nights before we read on the sewing machine.  They each have individual projects to do, but I like the idea of the chessboard because it would be a group project that our whole family could use when it’s done.  

Fabric Selection

All the kids got involved in the design

So we’re doing it.  I chose to use grey instead of black because I had it on hand, and I chose to use bright colors instead of white because it is much more practical for a picnic blanket.  I cut all the pieces for the inner part of the chessboard and then let the kids help me with the placement on the wall.  There was lots of discussion about it, and since we did this part during the day, the boys were up to help as well.  

Paolina working on a four-patch

Lucia working on a four-patch

Then, after the boys went to bed, we began to sew.  I decided that the most manageable way to piece the top would be for the girls to sew the squares into 16 four-patches.  Then I can finish the piecing from there.  Once we get all 64 squares put together we’ll have to complete two more borders and finally make pieces for both chess and checkers.  The kids will decide how they want to do this.  I gave them some ideas, but the final decision will be up to them.  The girls are very excited about being given this job.  

I'm hoping to finish this up soon so we can put it to use at the park.


liz said…
Fantastic idea, and great way to get your girls involved. I love you fabric choices too.