Giant Pillows WIP

I’ve been working on some giant pieced 36 inch pillowcases recently.  I made the pillows originally after my first child was born about 10 years ago.

We always had two of them growing up in our living room and they are a part of my childhood memories.  We used to wrestle with them, dive off of the couch onto them, and jump at each other holding the pillows out in front of us.  Sometimes we would make sandwiches of ourselves and they would be the “bread”.  My mom used to read to us on them, we would fall asleep on them, and sometimes and as teenagers we curled up to watch T.V. on them.  Anyway, I couldn’t imagine not having them for my kids so I made up a set when my daughter was born.

The old pillow on top and the new pillow on the bottom.
The kids love to make forts and the pillows make great doors.
At the time I just got some cheap canvas at JoAnn’s and whipped them up.  It was easy and colorful.  The pillows have served us well, but recently I’ve been thinking I could do a better job with the cases.  I’d been wanting to try doing supersize blocks for awhile and I love the nested blocks that I’ve seen, so I tried nesting two different blocks in orange and neutral.  The first was an eight pointed star.  The second was a churn dash.  I’ve got one of the pillowcases completely done but I can’t finish the second one until I get a zipper that’s big enough.  It’s all ready to go as soon as that happens.

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Chris said…
Really pretty! I love your story about your own childhood and how you are planting the seeds of happy memories in your children.
Anonymous said…
I love your churn dash pillow and quilt!