Baking Bunnies

Today I'm working on some bunny aprons for my kids and my nieces.  I think they'll be really cute.  I'll be seeing many of them on Easter.  I'll try to make some more grown up aprons for the two big girls and maybe a couple of boyish aprons for my two little sons.  There are nine children altogether, so we'll see how many I get done.  Here are some pictures of the first three, not quite finished, aprons:

I haven't attached the eyes and nose buttons yet.  I was thinking a heart shaped button would be really cute for the nose, but settled for the pink buttons that I have on hand.  The eyes are mismatched, but I think it's cute that way, so even though I have matching buttons I'm not using them.  

I really like that the ears are also the neck of the bib.  My first try had a less rounded face and it didn't really look like a bunny when I put it on my daughter.  This one looks better and I'm looking forward to seeing all the kids in their aprons.  Hopefully we'll have some really good Easter treats coming out of the kitchen with these little bunnies.

I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced even though this isn't a quilt in progress...